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It starts with our Founder, Sam Thapaliya, a whiz of the AI and Video Analytics Platform. He went on to launch several Web3 platforms. Web3 is great and all but those transaction fees are massive. MASSIVE. Cue Zebec. *drumroll* A Solana-based continuous settlement payment protocol. Take all the great features of the open-ended, real-time, instant transactions and mix in extremely low transaction fees. That’s the Zebec promise: no delays, only deliveries!
Zebec Protocol stands as modular money, layer, upgradeable and extensible through governance. Our aim is to strive for a DeFi revolution. Bring change in the Web3 digital economy. Establish Programmable Money Streaming as a foundation for greater, better, and more legendary financial innovations. The Protocol remains programmable, open to apps wanting to establish ongoing connections with user balances, automating payments, investments and trading. Heck, we even conducted our very own Hackathon back in 2021! With the support from Solana Foundation, Zebec Protocol invited projects worldwide with a humongous cash prize of $10,000 in line. As of today, 246+ projects are built on Zebec SDK.