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zakipoint Health brings truth and transparency to an employer’s healthcare spend. Every business should expect transparency and effectiveness from their healthcare spend. For many companies, healthcare is the second major cost after salaries, and yet there is no enterprise tool for mid-market self-insured employers to manage this spend. zakipoint Health has one goal: to enable every company, regardless of size, to understand and lower their health care costs — easily and affordably. This is a market worth $2.5 – $ 3 bn, yet is poorly served, and not served at all for businesses with less than 3,000 employees. Our practical approach is reflected in our core slogan: “see Clearly; take Action; save Money”​. We deliver actionable cost containment recommendations and a relevant marketplace for risk owning entities — self-insured employers; health plans; and ACOs — to understand and save on healthcare spend. Our solution z5, is a SaaS-based tool that integrates all healthcare data, enabling a customer to analyze claims; population risks (current and future) and programs, plus provider and benefit plan performance in one place, and then take action through our targeted marketplace. Our customers love what we do for them; “Our business has been buffeted by the ever increasing medical costs for years, just like most other companies in America… …More recently we started working with zakipoint Health to improve our management of healthcare costs. Their ability to mine, drill down into our medical insurance data and provide us with actionable insights that to date has not been available from anyone else looks to be another key strategy in helping us to mitigate the ever rising costs of providing health coverage to our employees. We look forward to turning their identified 7% savings into real savings”​ Carl Rubin, CFO Web Industries (manufacturer with $200 million in revenues)