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Swotah Travel and Adventure is purely an adventure travel company in Kathmandu, Nepal. Authentic and intimate in our aims, we keep a profuse knowledge, experience, and expertise of all aspects of the Himalayas. We strongly believe in responsible travel. We are one of the first plastic-free agencies in Nepal and proud member of responsible tourism. We operate climbing expeditions, trekking, hiking and walking tours in Nepal and Bhutan. We offer guided tours in the Himalayas, solo treks & tours, Luxury tours, mountain biking tours and so on. Our enthusiastic leaders and team members are natives of Nepal with a lifetime of immersion in Nepali culture. We grew up trekking and climbing in the Himalayas, leading individuals a countless number of destinations. Conversion to professional guiding and leading came about as a natural progression as we became fired by the desire to share our unique local knowledge with nature lovers, adventurists, and voracious culture buffs. Come with u