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Ace Institute of Management, since its inception in 1999, has been continually striving to raise the standard of management education in Nepal. Many Ace students and alumni have expressed their “Ace experience” as transformative. In our continued effort to enhance the standard of higher education in Nepal, we were exploring collaborative partnership with one of the UK universities. Our exploration culminated in collaboration with Queen Margaret University (QMU) of Edinburgh, UK, through investment in and partnership with Silver Mountain Graduate Business School which already had collaboration with QMU. The Silver Mountain Graduate Business School then was renamed “Ace International Business School”. AIBS will offer students, in Nepal, education programs of international standard, in collaboration with good foreign universities. AIBS currently offers 4-years Bachelors in Business Administration and 2-years Masters in Business Administration in collaboration with QMU. Education programs of international standard and “Ace Experience” will prepare AIBS students well for developing into contributing citizens in any society of today’s integrated world. “Ace experience” is characterized by the following simple learning beliefs and values that get gradually ingrained in our students as they go through their academic programs at any Ace institutions: • An Acer takes responsibility for his/her learning, actions, behavior, and relationships. • An Acer has respect for self and for others. • An Acer keeps his mind open for learning. • An Acer has the humility to accept ignorance and courage to admit mistakes. • An Acer adheres to honesty in work and behavior, irrespective of the consequences. • An Acer appreciates good grades but values holistic development more.