Saksham Dangol

July 19, 1995

About Candidate

A highly resourceful, flexible, and innovative individual with a creative bent of mind adept at understanding and enthusiasm to learn. A team player with a reputation for punctuality, professionalism, and a friendly personality. Seeks a role as Frontend Developer(React) that will allow me to consolidate both my education and profession, expand my knowledge and provide opportunities for personal and professional growth.



Bachelor in Information Management 2018
Tribhuwan University

Work & Experience

Senior Frontend Developer June 01, 2022
Pegotec Pte Ltd

Working with different micro frontends to record various data for INGOs Represent the recorder data in various graphical charts using Nivo Charts Development of a customizable dashboard as per tenants Collaborated with UI/UX team to limit clicks and other interactions and improve the user experience Working on existing products for debugging and addition of new features

Software Developer June 2020 - May 2020
Nibjar Solutions

Full stack development of banquet management web and mobile application in (MERN, React Native, REST APIs) with features like booking and inventory Worked with product managers for constant improvement and deployment of products targeting more than 20 event organizers