Ankit Raj Shrestha

April 14, 1998

About Candidate

Greetings! I’m Ankit, a passionate computer engineering eager to make a mark in the dynamic realm of technology. My journey began with a profound interest in understanding the intricacies of computer systems, and now I’m ready to translate that passion into impactful contributions.

I recently passed out in computer engineering, a journey that not only provided me with a solid theoretical foundation but also equipped me with practical problem-solving skills. The academic environment fostered my love for learning and honed my abilities in software development.

My technical knowledge includes proficiency in React, a frontend framework that I’ve delved into extensively. I’ve translated theoretical concepts into tangible results by actively engaging in the development of projects using React. The process of crafting user-friendly interfaces and responsive designs has been a rewarding challenge that I’ve embraced wholeheartedly.

Driven by a commitment to lifelong learning, I am always seeking opportunities to enhance my skill set. The tech landscape evolves rapidly, and I believe in staying ahead by keeping abreast of the latest industry trends and technologies.

Recognizing the collaborative nature of the IT industry, I am not just a solo performer; I am a team player. My experiences, both academic and practical, have instilled in me the importance of effective communication and collaboration in achieving collective goals. I look forward to contributing my skills to a dynamic team environment.

My journey in computer engineering is just beginning, and I am excited about the endless possibilities that lie ahead. I aspire to not only meet the challenges presented by the tech industry but to exceed them. Each project is not just a task; it’s an opportunity for growth and innovation.

In conclusion, I am not just a computer engineer seeking an internship; I am an enthusiastic individual ready to bring my skills, dedication, and fresh perspectives to a forward-thinking team. I look forward to the exciting journey of contributing to and thriving in the ever-evolving world of technology.



Bachelor in computer engineering 2018-present
Everest Engineering College

Work & Experience

Data entry 2020 - 2021

Worked as a data entry and done various image annotation works.